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Венцислав Благоев

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Ventzi Blagoev is a talented, versatile, and always moving performer and has been captivating audiences throughout Europe with his virtuosity and soulful trumpet and flugelhorn stylings. Through both live performances and recordings, along with stage, radio and television appearances, Ventzi imparts tenderness, warmth and vibrant excitement through his golden tone and imaginative improvisations.

Mr. Blagoevi has performed with a veritable who’s who of jazz luminaries such as Randy Brecker, Antoni Donchev, Glenn Ferris, Georgi Kornazov, Milcho Leviev, Didier Lockwood, Sylvain Luc, Airto Moreira , Mircea Tiberian, Peter Weniger, and Bob Wilber among many, many others.

Ventzi Blagoev has performed at major jazz venues and festivals throughout Europe such as the A-Trane, Quasimodo, B-flat, and Atalante in Berlin; in Cologne’s Papa Joe's and Jazz Lokal; and at Dr. Jazz and Pootzke in Duesseldorf. In addition, Ventzi has played at festivals in Thessaloniki, Brasov, Sofia, Bansko, Rousse, Sozopol, Varna, Plovdiv, Gabrovo, NiŠ, and Belgrade over the past 25 years.

Bringing together a beautiful tone with a chance-taking style, Mr. Blagoev utilizes a broad range of the jazz vocabulary. His influences include, but are not limited to, Louis Armstrong, Clifford Brown, Randy Brecker, Dizzy Gillespie, Tom Harrell, Wynton Marsalis, Lee Morgan, Arturo Sandoval, and Kenny Wheeler. From this group of seminal musicians Ventzi’s musical stylings incorporate the history of jazz and he always strives to be true to the spirit of the music whether it be from its New Orleans roots, New York hard bop or into far-reaching free jazz. Through his love and dedication to the music, Mr. Blagoev has forged his own recognizable and deeply personal approach to the music which has been described as “lyrical” and “exciting.” Finally, Mr. Blagoev has a delightful way of engaging an audience; leaving them enthralled with the beauty and joy of his playing and with his personal charm.

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Венцислав Благоев, снимка: Блага Димитрова

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